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Used & reconditioned engines in stock

Specialised engine dealer since 1993

With over 43,000 engines & transmissions sold, we are the key supplier for engines in Europe! For dealers, intermediaries, garages, taxi companies, car hire companies and many more.

We have also been selling directly to end customers (private individuals) for several years.

With over 43,000 engines & transmissions sold, we are the key supplier for engines in Europe.

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On Germany's largest engine portal, we are
remanufactured engines in stock
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Germany's most popular engine dealer.

"Fair-Motors is the most popular seller on our engine portal, both in terms of sales volume and positive customer reviews!"
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Engine Trading & Overhaul Since 1993

A Unique Feature in the Industry

For 30 years, we have been distributing the majority of our engines to repeat customers (intermediaries and workshops).
Engines for convertible vehicles, enjoy the sun in style and performance.
High-performance engine for racing cars, designed for speed and agility.
Eco-friendly engine for urban commuter cars, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Since 1993, our company has been distributing used and overhauled engines.
As a member of the Waldner Handels GmbH Group, we have successfully sold and delivered over 33136 engines and transmissions as of October 4, 2021. This makes us one of the world’s leading engine dealers.
The majority of engines are sold to intermediaries and workshops (regular customers), which speaks to our competitive pricing and high reliability.

Every engine undergoes intensive testing before sale. Inferior or damaged parts are discarded.

We use only undamaged engines from recent end-of-life or accident vehicles. We do not repair defective engines!

Thanks to high sales volumes worldwide, optimized processes, and our unique competitive strategy, we can offer engines at particularly low prices.

Our service

Qualified engine experts

We offer the following services to our customers:

We sell our engines from stock. All parts are checked before they go on sale. Additionally, we sell all our engines with a 12-month warranty.

Our well-stocked warehouses comprise over 1,500 replacement engines. We have the right engine in stock for almost every customer.

With our locations in Germany, France, Spain, Finland, England, and Norway, we ensure that we can offer you, the customer, a high-quality engine at an affordable price, including fast delivery and excellent service.

Certified used engine

We deliver a functional & certified used engine to you:

  • Delivery time: approximately 6-9 business days
  • 12 months warranty
  • Engine with or without ancillary parts
Engine for compact electric cars, agile and perfect for the city.

Rebuilt engine (Overhauled)

We deliver to you a like-new, overhauled engine:

  • Delivery time: approximately 8-11 business days
  • Renewed wear parts
  • Engine revised to 0 km
  • Engine performance on par with new engines
Engines for heavy commercial vehicles, power and capacity for large loads.

Customer Engine Overhaul

We carry out your engine overhaul. We collect your defective engine, overhaul it so that it is revised back to 0 km, and then return the engine to you:

  • Approximately 10-12 business days
Engine for luxury hybrid vehicles, the pinnacle of comfort and efficiency.
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45% of the engines are sold in Germany, 75% in the EU, and 25% outside the EU.

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costumer satisfaction

Nearly 100% of our customers are highly satisfied with Fair Motors’ service.

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regular customers

From Customer to Regular Customer! 70% of our customers are resellers or dealers, who also trust in our quality.

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days storage time

Shorter storage time also means lower costs for you. No extra costs for extended storage.


Replacement Engines: Affordable & Reliable

We have a suitable engine in stock for 80% of the inquiries.

Unlike other dealers or workshops, we focus not on high profit margins but on high sales volumes. As a globally operating engine wholesaler with high sales figures and optimized work processes, we can offer engines at particularly low prices.

The steady growth of our company since 1993 and our numerous regular customers speak for the quality & reliability of our engines.


Satisfied customers are our priority

Jonathan Schulte
Jonathan Schulte
Co-Founder,  Motorschadenvergleich
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Fair Motors is the most popular seller on our comparison portal: both in terms of sales volume and positive customer reviews."
Marvin W.
Marvin W.
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"Very good and affordable engines. I gladly buy replacement engines for my customers here. I had only one warranty claim so far. The engine was promptly replaced for free - these things can happen..."
Andre K.
Andre K.
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"Very fair seller. The refurbished engines are of high quality, and the prices are very good. Fair Motors is very accommodating when it comes to warranty claims."
Maier H.
Maier H.
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"Very quick response even after business hours. The refurbished engine was in very good condition, and the installation in my workshop went smoothly. The price was favorable compared to prices on eBay and classified ads. The investment in the engine with installation was definitely worth it! Now I can still sell the car at a profit."

And it pays off!

  • The engine market is particularly susceptible to fraud and shoddy work. However, due to our many years of experience, you can also benefit from our expertise and network.
  • Some engines have type-specific quirks and trouble spots. We are aware of the design flaws of these engines and address them!

Why choose us?

Our trading company has been distributing used and overhauled engines since 1993. We have successfully sold and delivered over 31000 engines and transmissions as of April 6, 2021. With the largest online selection of used engines in Germany, we stand for top-quality engines and the best value for money.

Unbeatable prices through highest efficiency and strong sales figures – worldwide

The steady growth of our company since 1993, as well as the satisfaction of our customers and regular clients, speaks for the outstanding quality of our engines.

For 29 years, more than half of our engines have been sold to intermediaries. This speaks to our competitive prices, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The mileage is based on the readout from the odometer. Reliably proving this is actually not possible. Some dealers send photos of the odometer reading or the VIN number of the donor vehicle as supposed evidence. However, these alleged proofs are often tampered with since forgery is very simple and almost impossible to detect. From our perspective, these forms of evidence are therefore not credible and worthless.

Unfortunately, almost no workshop or engine dealer can substantiate the mileage of the engines with 100% certainty. This is why it is even more important to rely on a trustworthy and reputable dealer.

The trust of our customers is the best proof of Fair Motors’ reliable service. Since 1993, we have been offering our customers the highest standard of engines at an affordable price!

All the engines sold by Fair Motors come from used or accident vehicles. These engines are completely undamaged. This is one of the reasons for the robustness and durability of our engines.

Yes, our engines are inspected before shipping. For the tested used engines, we conduct the following inspections:

  • Compression test (Leakdown test)
  • Cylinder inspection with endoscope camera
  • Oil pan and valve cover are opened
  • Crankshaft / camshaft(s) are visually inspected
  • Oil pump and oil pan are checked for residues


For the refurbished engines, the following inspection processes are carried out:

  • Camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, inspected for cracks, and ultrasonically cleaned
  • Cylinder head is measured, machined, and ultrasonically cleaned
  • The block is honed, ground, and measured
  • Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing

In addition, the refurbished engines have the following engine components replaced with high-quality new parts: 

Valves & valve stem seals, piston rings, connecting rod bearings and main bearings, oil pump, timing chain/belt with tensioner (excluding external ones)


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