You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

Buy a used engine

Do I need a new engine?

In the event of engine damage, the primary question is whether the car can still be repaired. To address this, a replacement engine is installed to fix the damage. Buying a used engine often represents the best decision, especially in cases of a severe engine failure. However, even for lesser damages, a replacement engine might be the better alternative if the old engine already has high mileage. Purchasing an engine can not only resolve the current damage but also prevent future issues. Subsequently, the factors to consider when buying a used engine are explained in more detail.

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What should be considered when buying a used engine?

When buying a used engine, there are several important factors to consider. The reason for this is that more factors than just the fuel type are crucial for compatibility. For example, the entire electronic system must work seamlessly with the engine. Therefore, the engine should be identical unless significant modifications to the vehicle are planned. To ensure you get the right engine when purchasing used engines, it is essential to refer to the engine code. This engine code will be explained in more detail below.
Since 1993, our trading company has been selling used and overhauled engines. With the largest online selection of used engines in Germany, we are known for offering first-class products and the best value for money. We have almost all engines in stock.
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By no later than 12 PM the next business day, you will receive a non-binding quote.

Our engine overhaul

When you purchase an overhauled engine from us, it will be revised to a mileage of 0 kilometres.

The used engine is disassembled and thoroughly inspected by us.

Beschädigte und verschlissene Bauteile werden ersetzt. Weiterhin werden typische Verschleißteile vorsorglich ersetzt.

You will receive the revised engine in new condition within 8-11 business days. We also provide a 12-month warranty.

Engine overhaul processes

● The camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, checked for cracks, and cleaned with ultrasound

● The cylinder head is measured, machined flat, and cleaned with ultrasound

● The block is honed, ground, and measured

● The pistons are checked, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing

● Camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, inspected for cracks, and cleaned with ultrasound

● Cylinder head is measured, machined flat, and cleaned with ultrasound

● Block is honed, ground, and measured

● Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing

  • Valves
  • Valve stem seals
  • Piston rings
  • Connecting rod bearings and main bearings
  • Oil pump
  • Timing chain/belt with tensioner (external excluded)

Engine code

What is the engine code?

The engine code is a number consisting of digits and letters. Each engine has a unique number that contains all the data about the engine. Typically, this number can also directly indicate the fuel type and the engine displacement. The number’s format and length vary among manufacturers, and it can comprise up to seven characters. When purchasing a used engine, paying attention to the engine code ensures that you are getting the correct engine.

Where can I find the engine code?

If you are buying a used engine, you can typically read the engine code directly on the engine itself. The engine code is usually located directly on the engine. It can often be found on the top part of the engine, the cylinder head, or the timing belt cover. Additionally, the engine code might be found in other parts of your vehicle. For older vehicles, it can sometimes also be located in the registration documents.

Purchasing a new, overhauled, or used engine

Used engine

If you wish to purchase a used engine, you have several options. Buying a used engine is the most economical option. This involves acquiring a previously used engine, which can vary significantly in terms of mileage. This allows you to decide within which price range you want to be when buying used engines.

What is the cost of a used replacement engine?

The costs for a mid-range car amount to approximately €600 to €2000 if you intend to purchase a used engine. However, these prices do not include installation costs. Since a used engine typically cannot be inspected beforehand, you need to rely on the seller’s details. Consequently, it is crucial to choose a reputable provider who also offers a warranty. For instance, Fair-Motors provides a 12-month warranty on our engines.

Overhauled engine

If you are considering purchasing a used engine, an overhauled engine is also an option. This refers to a used engine that has been restored to a like-new condition as much as possible. At Fair-Motors, the engines undergo inspection, disassembly, and replacement of typical wear parts. As a result, the engine’s mileage is reset to 0 kilometers. However, since such a standard is not mandatory for an overhaul, it is essential to avoid unreliable suppliers. Fair-Motors also offers a 12-month warranty to ensure the engine’s functionality when you buy used engines.

New engine

If you prefer not to buy a used engine, there is also the option of purchasing a new engine. This involves a completely new engine with no prior mileage. Typically, this is the safest but also the most expensive option. The high costs involved often make it financially unviable. This option usually only makes sense if your car is relatively new and the engine replacement is subsidised. Additionally, it’s important to note that a new engine requires a longer break-in period compared to buying used engines.

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Purchasing a replacement engine:

We sell our engines from stock. All parts are inspected before being put up for sale. We offer all engines with a 12-month warranty. Our well-organised warehouses hold over 1500 replacement engines. We have the right engine in stock for almost every customer.

Purchasing a used engine

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Purchasing overhauled

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Long block or short block

Short block

If you are considering purchasing a used engine, it is important to pay attention to whether it is a short block or a long block engine. This distinction describes the scope of the engine. The short block is the more economical option. However, it only includes the lower part of the engine. This comprises the components from the crankcase to the head gasket. The cylinder head and all peripheral parts of the engine are missing. A short block is often practical when the crankcase is damaged, but the cylinder head is not. In such cases, you can reuse some parts from the old engine and save a significant cost when buying a used engine.

Long block

There is also the option of a long block if you wish to purchase a used engine. With this, you receive a complete engine, from the crankcase to the valve cover. This means you get the entire engine. The only variation is whether the manifold is included when purchasing such a used engine. However, parts of the old engine need to be transferred. These parts are only peripheral components, so the engine does not need to be disassembled. As a result, a significant amount of labour time is saved, making the installation relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, the long block has higher initial costs when buying a used engine.

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We ship engines EU-wide, ensuring you can receive your desired engine without any hassle.


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