You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

Information on the Deposit for Used Parts

Here is the form to arrange the pickup of the core part:

1. The seller deals in spare parts whose replacement and reconditioning by the manufacturer are scheduled at the end of their service life (referred to as replacement parts). When purchasing such replacement parts, a deposit amount is charged to the buyer in addition to the purchase price, the amount of which is indicated separately next to the purchase price and must be added to it.

2. The deposit amount is refunded to the buyer if they return the used part of the same type to the seller within 31 days of delivery of the replacement part, which otherwise will result in the forfeiture of their rights, provided that this used part can be recycled due to its condition. For the part to be recyclable, it must be free of cracks and breakages and must not show any mechanical damage. The buyer must use, without exception, the shipping box provided by the seller for packaging. This packaging is an integral part of the deposit on the used part. If the used part is not returned in the seller’s shipping box, €100 will be deducted from the deposit on the used part.

The check for the recyclability of the used part may take up to 10 working days. If it cannot be reused, the used part will be disposed of by the seller or returned to the client at their expense upon express request. In such cases, the deposit paid at the time of purchasing the spare part cannot be refunded.

3. The costs of returning the used part are borne by the seller. Unintentional returns of the used part are not accepted by the seller, who is responsible for collecting the part.

4. The buyer is requested to provide by e-mail or fax the pick-up address and phone number, as well as the seller’s bank details for the deposit refund. Please note that returns of unidentifiable used parts cannot be processed.

5. Waldner Handelsgesellschaft mbH spontaneously disburses the deposit on used parts to the supplier after a period of 70 days elapses. After this period, the buyer is no longer entitled to free collection and the deposit refund on the used parts.

6. Deposit requests can be sent to the following address:

Fair Motors
at Waldner Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Maxim-Gorki-Str. 28
15711 Königs Wusterhausen

Phone: +49 33769 849495

Königs Wusterhausen, 14.12.2017