You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

You will receive a non-binding offer by 10 a.m on the next working day

Engine replacement cost

An internal combustion engine usually runs at least up to the 250,000-kilometre mark. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often, an engine failure can occur quite a bit earlier and immobilise your car. Frequently, it is worth considering an engine replacement to avoid higher costs. However, this does not necessarily mean a write-off for your vehicle, as there are cost-effective options for repairing the damage. Engine replacement is a commonly chosen option, and the engine replacement cost is a crucial factor here.
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What is an engine replacement?

An engine swap refers to the removal of the old engine and the installation of a replacement engine. This can involve a range of different engines, causing the engine replacement cost to vary. Various versions are possible, from the engine’s condition to the extent and reuse of old components. Therefore, you can buy a used or new engine. At Fair Motors, you can purchase engines that have been inspected and overhauled by experts, resulting in a condition equivalent to zero kilometres of mileage.

When is an engine replacement worthwhile?

If you have suffered engine damage, a replacement engine may not automatically be the best option for addressing the problem. Particularly if you already own an old and worn-out car, the engine replacement cost can often exceed the vehicle’s value. However, if you own a newer vehicle and the engine has, for example, overheated, a replacement engine is often chosen. The resulting engine replacement costs often represent the most cost-effective solution.
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Our engine overhaul

When you purchase an overhauled engine from us, it will be revised to a mileage of 0 kilometres.

The used engine is disassembled and thoroughly inspected by us.

Beschädigte und verschlissene Bauteile werden ersetzt. Weiterhin werden typische Verschleißteile vorsorglich ersetzt.

You will receive the revised engine in new condition within 8-11 business days. We also provide a 12-month warranty.

Engine overhaul processes

● The camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, checked for cracks, and cleaned with ultrasound

● The cylinder head is measured, machined flat, and cleaned with ultrasound

● The block is honed, ground, and measured

● The pistons are checked, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing

● Camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, inspected for cracks, and cleaned with ultrasound

● Cylinder head is measured, machined flat, and cleaned with ultrasound

● Block is honed, ground, and measured

● Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing

  • Valves
  • Valve stem seals
  • Piston rings
  • Connecting rod bearings and main bearings
  • Oil pump
  • Timing chain/belt with tensioner (external excluded)

Engine replacement costs

How much does a new engine cost?

As mentioned above, the engine replacement costs depend on several different factors. Therefore, the replacement engine costs in your specific case can vary significantly and should be individually assessed. Generally, you can expect a rough price range of €3,500 to €7,000 for the engine replacement cost. The material costs are usually the largest expense, ranging from €2,000 for a 4-cylinder engine to €6,000 for a V8 engine. What does it cost to have an engine installed? The labour time typically ranges between 8 to 12 hours. With an hourly rate of €70, you can expect costs to be between €560 and €840. However, the prices also depend on the chosen workshop.

Partial, part-complete, or complete engine

A replacement engine can be categorised into three types: partial, part-complete, or complete engine. These categories describe the extent of the engine and significantly influence the engine replacement costs. The partial engine includes only the crankcase, excluding gaskets. It contains only the pistons and the crankshaft with bearings. This is the most economical option for a replacement engine. Next is the part-complete engine, which includes both the cylinder head and the oil seals. Here, only the ancillary components need to be transferred from the old engine. The highest engine replacement costs arise from the complete engine, which also includes the ancillary components.

How much do engine replacement costs amount to?

The engine replacement costs are also influenced by the condition of the engine. A new engine is a power unit that has no mileage, resulting in the highest replacement engine costs. Following this is the overhauled engine, which has some mileage but has been disassembled and inspected, with the usual wear parts replaced. This type of replacement engine represents the middle ground in terms of cost between a new and a used engine. Therefore, the engine replacement costs for an overhauled engine provide the best value for your money. When you buy a used engine, you can choose based on mileage. Depending on the chosen condition, engine replacement costs will vary. Is a replacement engine a new engine? In general, the term “replacement engine” used in the automotive trade refers to a used engine. At Fair Motors, however, you will receive only overhauled and inspected engines.
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When should engine repair be used?

Whether an engine replacement is worthwhile is always an individual decision. First, an analysis of the damage must be conducted to determine the engine replacement costs. For minor damage or damage outside the engine, engine repair is typically used. However, there are some exceptions, such as turbocharger damage. In this case, metal shavings may have entered the intake system. In such instances, the engine replacement costs are often lower than those of a repair.

Money-saving tips

To keep engine replacement costs as low as possible, you should request a quote from an experienced engine supplier. This way, you not only receive a warranty on the engine you purchase but can also be assured of the quality of the overhaul. Fair-Motors provides you with this assurance at the best possible price. How long does the warranty on a replacement engine last? The warranty on an engine purchased from Fair-Motors is twelve months, offering you long-term protection. This warranty is also offered by us at Fair Motors, ensuring that you can be confident in the good condition of your engine. Additionally, it should be noted whether the installation costs for the replacement engine are included in any given quote.

How long does it take to replace an engine?

The duration of engine installation can also vary significantly. Typically, you should expect an average wait time of about 2.5 weeks. A complete engine is usually installed more quickly than a partial engine. The engine replacement costs associated with the desired turnaround time for engine swapping will also vary depending on your chosen workshop.

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