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Click through the FIAT models to find the right used or reconditioned engine for your FIAT. You can buy cheap and tested FIAT replacement engines in our engine store, either complete engines with attachments or a bare engine.

Powerful engine for heavy-duty tow trucks, providing unmatched towing capacity.
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We sell FIAT engines in standard exchange or used engines at low prices. We also sell overhauled engines for almost all FIAT models.

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You can buy cheap FIAT engines online in our store. With over 38,000 engines & transmissions sold, we are the central engine source in Europe!

We have been selling used and reconditioned FIAT engines with top quality and excellent service since 1993. We also score points with our fast shipping, a 12-month warranty and the large selection of FIAT exchange engines.

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Here you can find some more engines and engine codes for FIAT cars. Simply click on the relevant engine to obtain more information such as prices and availability.

199 B4.000
199 B1.000
552 53 268
939 A2.000
940 C1.000
330 A1.000
187 A1.000
263 A1.000
182 B6.000
RFN (EW10J4)
199 A9.000
350 A1.000
R9M 452
939 B5.000
939 A4.000
552 82 328
9H07 (DV6UC)
199 B6.000
937 A5.000
169 A3.000
939 A3.000
312 A6.000
939 A8.000
250 A1.000
199 A5.000
955 A3.000

Used and remanufactured FIAT engines destocking

Explore the selection of used and refurbished FIAT engines available for your car. At Fair-Motors, we’re here to help by using our extensive international network to locate the right engine for your FIAT. We also offer the convenience of delivering the engine straight to your doorstep. Regardless of your FIAT model, you can find the perfect engine at a competitive price in our comprehensive engine catalog

Sell of FIAT engines at best prices

We sell complete engines for FIAT at very competitive prices. You can choose between complete engines with spare parts or bare engines without the installed components.

Bare FIAT engine: We offer bare engines including the engine block, the cylinder head, the valve cover, and the oil pan, but without additional parts such as the injection pumps and CR, injectors, EGR valves, starters, alternators, air conditioning compressors, diesel particulate filters, etc.

Complete FIAT engine: Engine block (oil pump, crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, and pistons, …) assembled with cylinder head (camshaft, valves, …) as well as attached parts such as the starter, injection, injectors, intake manifold, turbocharger, ignition coils, high-pressure pump, hoses, and various parts.

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