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We have almost all MERCEDES-BENZ engines in stock. Choose the right motorization and engine power for your MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447. You will then see all the details of the engine and can reserve it directly. Whether it’s a used, reconditioned, or complete engine, we find the engine that is compatible with your MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447. Our strengths are competitive prices, superior quality, and fast delivery.

Dynamic engine for sporty convertibles, offering exhilarating open-air driving experiences.
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Select your MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engine type and power to find the compatible engine.

Our most selled MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines

We sell our most popular MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines both used and in a remanufactured (reconditioned) state. All engines are thoroughly checked before being shipped.

Online shop for MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines

With our extensive inventory of new, used, and reconditioned engines, purchasing the perfect engine for your MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 is seamless and secure. Shop online with confidence and find the ideal match for your vehicle with ease.

More engine codes for MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447

Here is a list of some engine codes for MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 vehicles. If you are unsure about your MERCEDES-BENZ’s engine code, please feel free to make an inquiry. We will find the suitable engine for your MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 using the VIN (Vehicle Identifier Number). For nearly all engine codes, we offer both used and reconditioned engines.

OM 654.920
OM 622.951
OM 651.950
OM 622.851

Used or rebuilt MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engine at low price

Unlike most other (small) dealerships, we don’t focus on high profit margins but on high sales volumes. Our ability to offer MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines at such low prices stems from our large-scale sales across Europe and our highly efficient operations, allowing us to cut many costs. For instance, we aim to sell engines as quickly as possible to minimize storage fees.

MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 exchange engines

Some MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines are sold on an exchange basis.

You have up to 30 days to pack the old engine (the used engine) in the provided shipping box. We will collect the used engine. Once it is received at our warehouse, the deposit amount will be refunded.

Our thorough checks of MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines

Our MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines undergo thorough checks before being dispatched. The following tests are conducted on used engines:

  • Leakdown test to assess compression loss
  • Cylinder inspection with an endoscopic camera
  • Oil pan and valve cover are opened for inspection
  • Visual checks of crankshafts/camshafts
  • Oil pump and oil pan are visually inspected

For overhauled MERCEDES-BENZ VITO W447 engines, the control operations include:

  • Camshafts and crankshafts are measured, polished, examined for cracks, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The cylinder head is measured, planed, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The engine block is honed, ground, and measured
  • Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing.

Additionally, the following engine parts are replaced with new, high-quality parts in overhauled engines:

  • Valves and valve stem seals, piston rings, connecting rod bearings and main bearings, oil pump, timing chain/belt with tensioner (excluding external tensioners).

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