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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

The mileage refers to the odometer reading. It is actually not possible to prove this reliably. Some dealers provide photos of the odometer reading or the VIN number of the donor vehicle. However, these supposed proofs are often forged, as falsification is very easy and difficult to prove. From our perspective, these proofs are therefore unreliable and worthless.

The best indication of the accuracy of the engine data is the trustworthiness and credibility of the dealer. Here, the stock inventory, customer experiences/reviews, and the number of regular customers play an important role.

We offer our engines on various platforms (worldwide), so it’s possible that another customer might have already purchased the engine you’re interested in through a different platform.

Our engines are very popular due to their low prices and are only in stock for a short period. In fact, our goal is to sell the engines as quickly as possible to keep storage costs to a minimum.

We operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis: the customer who confirms the purchase first (either verbally or in writing) gets served first. Therefore, we can only offer them ‘while supplies last’. When you confirm a purchase, we first check the availability again and then you will receive a proforma invoice. This reserves your engine and prevents it from being ‘bought out’ by other customers. You then have 2 days to make the payment, otherwise, the engine will be released for sale again.

Our used engines come from old or accident-damaged vehicles (e.g., from insurance companies). They are not repaired (refurbished) engines or engines assembled from various parts.

–> Therefore, our engines are especially durable and robust. Our engines are fully operational and are tested before sale.

Yes, our engines are tested before shipment. For the tested used engines, we conduct the following checks:

  • Leakdown test for pressure loss.
  • Cylinder inspection with an endoscopic camera.
  • Oil pan and valve cover are opened for inspection.
  • Crankshaft and camshaft(s) are visually inspected.
  • Oil pump and oil pan are checked for residues.

For the refurbished engines, the following testing procedures are carried out:

  • Camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, checked for cracks, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Cylinder head is measured, milled, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Block is honed, ground, and measured.
  • Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing.

Additionally, for the refurbished engines, the following engine parts are replaced with high-quality new parts:

  • Valves & valve stem seals, piston rings, connecting rod bearings and main bearings, oil pump, timing chain/belt with tensioner (external ones excluded).

We require payment in advance.

Bank Transfer: The respective delivery time starts once we confirm receipt of payment. If you send us the transfer receipt by email, we can initiate the shipping process even before the money is received.

PayPal: Payment via PayPal is possible. However, an additional 2.5% of the invoice amount will be charged as a PayPal fee.

Credit card and cash on delivery are not offered as payment options.

Unfortunately, we cannot send you a picture of the exact engine that will be delivered to you. However, you can find model photos on our website.

Please note that almost all workshops/suppliers send model photos, and it is rarely the exact product that the customer ultimately receives.

Given the large number of engines we sell, it would be too labor-intensive to photograph each engine individually. As an engine discounter, we aim to offer our customers the best prices through maximum efficiency.

Only if the core deposit costs (usually about €500 – €900) are listed in the offer, we will collect your old engine. Once your old engine has arrived at our warehouse, the corresponding deposit amount (€500 – €900) will be refunded to you. Please note that your old engine must not have any major damage (e.g., crack or hole in the block) in order for you to receive the deposit refund.

No. You have up to 30 days to pack the old engine (the core part) dry and securely in the provided shipping box. Then, write us an email at or fill out the core part deposit return form on our website to arrange for the shipping box (including the core part) to be collected. Upon arrival at our warehouse, the deposit amount will be refunded.

No, the cost for the collection of the core part deposit is usually €100. Write us an email at or fill out the core part deposit return form on our website, and it will be collected.

Yes, if the engine has no major damage (e.g., hole in the engine block), you will receive the money back. Approximately 95% of customers receive their deposit back.

Send us a short message by email (or by phone) to accept the offer. You are also welcome to use our order form for the purchase; just click on the red ‘to the order form’ button in the offer or in the offer email to access the order form. There, you can enter all the data we need for your order. We will then check the availability of the engine again and reserve it for you. You will then receive a proforma invoice from us. You have 2 days to make the payment, otherwise, the engine will be released for sale again. Therefore, it is recommended to send us a receipt of the payment made by email.

Note: We sell engines on many platforms worldwide, so it is possible that your offer is no longer valid, for example, if another customer has bought the engine in the meantime.

We supply the engine block with cylinder head, valve cover, and oil pan: (including valves, valve stem seals, piston rings, connecting rod bearings, and main bearings, oil pump, timing chain with tensioner / timing belt, camshaft, crankshaft, etc.). However, for the checked used engine, the timing chain or timing belt must be mandatorily replaced by you after delivery!

No ancillary parts are included (injection pumps and CR pumps, injectors and nozzles, EGR valves, starters, alternators, air conditioning compressors, diesel particulate filters, intake manifolds, PD, camshaft sensors, water pumps, flywheels, etc.) The valve cover and oil pan are included and mainly serve as transport protection. The workshop must check whether the delivered parts correspond to the customer’s old parts. If necessary, the valve cover and oil pan from the old part must be used. Since there are up to 5 different oil pans and always at least 2 valve covers, it is not guaranteed that the one we supply will fit. This is also common practice in engine trading.

Please note the scope of delivery and the installation instructions in our terms and conditions:

We are a discount store and primarily sell to workshops or dealers who then resell the engines to private customers or install them directly. However, we are increasingly serving private customers as well.

Our special feature is the company’s existence since 1993 and the exceptionally low prices due to the highest efficiency in our sales process. With the largest online selection of used engines in Germany, we stand for top-quality products, comprehensive service, and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The mileage refers to the odometer reading of the original vehicle. In principle, no workshop/supplier can credibly verify the mileage since all ‘proofs’ can be easily falsified. In the engine market, false documents are very common and easy to obtain.

We ‘prove’ our trustworthiness with our company’s existence since 1993. For over 28 years, we have proven ourselves in the engine market – this is the best ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ of reliability and credibility and a unique selling point of Fair-Motors – Waldner GmbH. Many other (large and small) dealers or workshops close after just a few years due to high return rates (see, for example, Caroobi).

We have been active in the market for over 28 years. In our opinion, this is the best proof of credibility that one can offer in the industry. All other proofs such as certified workshops, origin certificates for the engines, many years of experience, etc., are insignificant or not credible, as they can be easily falsified. Many dealers or engine repair shops close after a few years as soon as they are caught up by complaints and negative reputation.

Since 1993, we have supplied more than half of our engines to regular customers (intermediate dealers). This speaks for the good quality and reliability of our engines.

Unlike most other (smaller) dealers, we don’t focus on high profit margins but on high sales volumes. We can only offer the engines at such low prices because we sell in large quantities across Europe and because we work very efficiently, thus saving many costs. For example, we try to sell the engines as quickly as possible to keep storage costs as low as possible.

Our processes are optimized for efficiency. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, most processes are digitized and automated. This saves us a lot of time and money, allowing us to offer our engines at particularly low prices. Here’s what our strategies look like:

  • Achieving the highest sales figures by minimizing profit margins to a minimum.
  • Keeping the storage duration and costs of the engines as low as possible through competitive pricing.
  • Reducing costs (staff, shipping, etc.) through digitalization and automation of processes.

Yes, we deliver across Europe in large quantities. In Germany and Austria, the shipping costs amount to 100€. In Switzerland, the shipping costs are around 150€ depending on the region, plus 40€ for customs documents. Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and all other countries will have shipping costs provided upon request. Please note that we generally do not deliver to islands!

No, we are purely an online engine retailer. We only deliver engines. In some cases, we also offer engine overhauls. In this process, the customer’s removed engine is picked up by us, overhauled, and then returned.

Here is a list of workshops (however, these are not partner workshops):

Please pay attention to our terms and conditions and our installation instructions:

For our engines, the following applies:

All attached parts must be professionally inspected and cleaned before reuse. Attachments supplied by us are provided free of charge, excluding warranty, and must also be checked by you for functionality and replaced if necessary.

Wear parts must be renewed in used engines (including timing chain set/timing belt set with tensioner and guides).

We recommend carefully checking all components driven by the timing gear and replacing them if necessary (e.g., water pump, oil pump, fuel pump, vacuum pump, …).

Please check the timing (also with overhauled engines), as it may shift slightly during storage and transport.

Due to the numerous engine variants, the provided oil pan and valve cover may not fit and typically only serve as transport protection. Check these and possibly use them from your old engine.

In all cases (including overhauled engines), all gaskets that do not require marked screws to be removed must be renewed (including valve cover, oil pan, end cover, housing cover, crankshaft seal(s), camshaft seal(s), …)

-> For more detailed information and further assembly instructions, please refer to our installation instructions!

No, we no longer offer this option. It takes too much time and would result in price increases. However, we see ourselves as a discount provider and place particular emphasis on efficiency and the best price-performance ratio.

We do not offer shipment tracking, as this would significantly increase the delivery costs.