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Engine N63B44C BMW ALPINA 7 Series G11 G12 B7 5 G30 F90 B5 750i Li xDrive BITURBO Allwheel Drive RearWheel M 550i 449hp 608hp 462hp 621hp

Streamlined engine for electric-powered yachts, offering silent and smooth sailing.
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Engine N63 B44 C for sale


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Kindly complete the “request for quote” form. We will confirm whether the engine N63 B44 C matches your vehicle and provide you with detailed proposals for all the available options, whether you’re looking for a used engine, a reconditioned one, or prefer it bare or complete. Following this, you may proceed to place your order directly.

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Compatible vehicles with engine N63 B44 C:

N63 B44 C Engine Technical Specifications & Compatibility.

Additional information

Engine Code

N63 B44 C, N63B44C




5 G30 F90, 7 G11 G12, B5 G30, B5 G31, B7 G12


750i Li, 750i Li xDrive, BiTurbo, BITURBO Allwheel Drive, BITURBO RearWheel Drive, M 550i xDrive

Power (hp)

449hp, 462hp, 608hp, 621hp

Power (kW)

330kW, 340kW, 447kW, 457kW



Number of Cylinders


Torque (Nm)




Bore (mm)


Stroke (mm)


Number of Bearings


Number of Valves


Engine Charging

Exhaust Turbocharger, Bi-Turbo/Intercooler


Petrol Engine

Fuel Mixture

Direct Injection

Engine Type


Cylinder Type


Engine Management


Price Used Engine (€)


Deposit for the Old Engine (€)


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Information about the ALPINA, BMW replacement engine N63 B44 C:

The N63 B44 C, N63B44C engine is used by the manufacturer ALPINA, BMW in the following models: 5 Series G30 F90, 7 Series G11 G12, B5, B7.

Engine type and performance:

Depending on the engine control unit, the Petrol engine N63 B44 C has an output of 449hp, 462hp, 608hp, 621hp, which is equivalent to 330kW, 340kW, 447kW, 457kW.

The 8-cylinder Exhaust Turbocharger engine is Water-cooled and produces a torque of 215Nm with a displacement of ccm.

The 750i Li, 750i Li xDrive, BiTurbo, BITURBO Allwheel Drive, BITURBO RearWheel Drive, M 550i xDrive N63 B44 C engine features 32 valves, 5 bearings, and achieves a compression ratio of 10 with a stroke of 88.3 mm and a bore of 89 mm.

It is a DOHC Petrol Engine V engine with Direct Injection, powered by a Chain.


The quickest way is to fill out the “request for quote” form. Please provide the engine code N63 B44 C and your VIN number so we can accurately identify the engine that is compatible with your vehicle. You will swiftly receive a detailed offer in PDF format via email. If everything matches, you can then proceed with the order.

It depends on the inventory. We sell N63 B44 C engines either complete or bare. The complete engines come with spare parts included.

The engine is compatible with the following make and models:
ALPINA, BMW | 5 Series G30 F90, 7 Series G11 G12, B5, B7

To be certain, you should provide us with your VIN number so we can verify the engine’s compatibility.

The contents of the delivery vary depending on the engine. For the complete engine, we deliver the engine block with the cylinder head, valve cover, oil pan, and the injection system, turbocharger, alternator, manifold, wiring harness, etc. For the bare engine without ancillary parts, we deliver the engine block with the cylinder head, valve cap, and oil pan.

  • The contents of the delivery may vary. Please check the exact contents of the delivery in the PDF offer.

The mileage depends on the condition of the engine. The overhauled engine has been reset to 0km. The mileage of the used engine can vary. Make a brief inquiry on our website, and you will receive a detailed offer with precise mileage information.

The following parts are replaced with NEW ones:

  • Valves
  • Valve stem seals
  • Piston rings
  • Connecting rod bearings and main bearings
  • Oil pump
  • Timing chain with tensioner

Additional revision steps:

  • The camshaft and crankshaft are measured, polished, checked for cracks, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The cylinder head is measured, leveled, and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The block is planed, sanded, and measured.
  • Pistons are inspected, cleaned, and subjected to UV crack testing.
  • Leakdown tests

✅ We can, of course, also overhaul your faulty engine.


We handle everything in-house, from engine overhauling to marketing and web design. This cuts down on many costs.


Our processes are finely tuned, ensuring no downtime. Our machines and staff are fully utilized.


Each person works solely within their area of expertise. For instance, we have different specialists for various makes/types of engines. This saves a significant amount of time and enhances quality.

Yes, sometimes. The deposit varies depending on the engine.

The price of the engine varies depending on the engine’s condition:

Used engine: 6789 €
Complete engine: Please request the price by filling out the form.
Overhauled engine: €

Please note: Prices and availability are provided for guidance only!

Make an inquiry on the website to receive a detailed and final offer.

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